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In 2019, one year after the creation of our Ambassadors of Hope training, we were being asked more and more often; ‘What can we do next?’. Now that our participants felt more confident in having conversations around mental health, there was a strong foundation to build on. So, Ambassadors of Hope Plus was born.


Our Ambassadors of Hope Plus is a half-day workshop which focuses on building and developing the skills that have been learnt in our original training session and putting them into practice. 

The Ambassadors of Hope Plus workshop focuses on three key areas: 

  • Practising how to approach and have conversations around mental health
  • Asking for help and looking after your own mental health
  • Coping mechanisms and further support

Ambassadors of Hope Plus will enable participants to improve their knowledge and understanding of mental health and mental illnesses and understand ways to recognise signs and symptoms of poor mental health. As well as this, there is a key focus on conversations and how to have these crucial discussions, as we build participants’ confidence through activities during the session. 

Ambassadors of Hope Plus is designed for organisations who have already completed the Ambassadors of Hope Original session, but can also act as a stand-alone piece of training, wrapping vital information and skills into a four-hour session. 

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