Ambassador of Hope

We first created our Ambassador of Hope training in 2018 and its aim has been and always will be to offer a baseline level of understanding of mental health, mental illness and what to do if you or somebody else needs your help and support.


The training does not intend to make people experts in mental health but instead offers the essential information and toolkit we all need to feel more confident about the topic and, most importantly, make the routes to help and support as clear as possible, using Chasing the Stigma’s Hub of Hope.

The Ambassador of Hope training programme focuses on three key areas:
  • How to talk about mental health and illness
  • How to effectively find help and signpost using the Hub of Hope
  • What to do in a mental health emergency

By wrapping all the essential information into one 60-minute session, we are able to equip everyone with the basic skills to engage in conversation and effectively and confidently find mental health support.

We should all be aware of how to manage our mental health and how to access support. The onus shouldn’t be on individuals who are at the point of struggling to seek out that basic information, it should be instilled within us from an early age.

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