“Don’t just check out, check in”

M&S Bank Arena and BetMGM Premier League Darts team up with Liverpool charity Chasing the Stigma to get men talking about their mental health

The M&S Bank Arena and BetMGM Premier League Darts are teaming up with award-winning mental health charity Chasing the Stigma when Liverpool plays host to a night of top-class darts this month.

The 2024 Premier League Darts season, a 17-week roadshow, will arrive in Liverpool on Thursday 25th April and will see the biggest names in world darts compete for the prestigious title. 

Current World Champion Darts player, Luke Humphries, who will compete at the M&S Bank Arena event, is vocal about his own mental health journey, using his platform to promote men’s mental health awareness, in particular. 

  • Around three-quarters of suicides in 2021 were males (4,129 deaths; 74.0%) (ONS)
  • There are still over 5,000 deaths by suicide in England each year. The male rate remains 3 times higher. (DoHSC)

Luke said: “Everybody’s struggles are different, but we all go through it and we all try and manage it as best as we possibly can. I’m proud of the way I battled the things going on in my head. Speak to the people who are closest to you the most, they’re the people who are there in the toughest moments. It’s important to open up on the subject and talk about it because I feel as if it’s not talked about enough.  I went out and spoke to the right people and now I stand here as a World Champion.”

The M&S Bank Arena and Bet MGM Premier League Darts have been working closely with Chasing the Stigma to highlight the importance of opening up about mental health struggles and raise awareness of the support that is available to all. 

Chasing the Stigma is a national mental health charity on a mission to remove the stigma associated with mental health, driven to create a society where people are as comfortable talking about their mental health as their physical health, and where everyone is able to find appropriate support before they reach a point of crisis. The charity operates the Hub of Hope, the UK’s largest and most comprehensive directory of community mental health services, with support filters such as anxiety, depression, gambling addiction, bereavement and much more..

Ben Williams, Director of Commercial and Business Development at the M&S Bank Arena said: “Our aim is to raise awareness among our audience and staff that help is out there. Everyone has their own mental health journey, but it’s well known that men are statistically more reluctant than women to seek help when they’re struggling. Although mental health is being talked about now more than ever, there’s still so much work to do to remove that stigma surrounding it.”

Jake Mills, Founder and CEO of Chasing the Stigma said: “The Hub of Hope is more than just another mental health app, it’s a gateway to recovery and support. If you or a loved one is struggling with any mental health concern, we urge you to start with the Hub of Hope, to find the most readily available support near you, when you need it. There is always help and there is ALWAYS hope.”

With more than 149,000 local, regional, grassroots and national services currently listed, the Hub of Hope is the UK’s go-to mental health support signposting tool. It includes a ‘Need Help Now’ function which allows you to talk directly to Samaritans or access text message support via the ShoutCrisis Text line.

The ACC Liverpool Group, who operate the M&S Bank Arena, have adopted the Hub of Hope as the official mental health signposting tool for staff and have trained many of their staff as Ambassadors of Hope.

Ben Williams added: “Although mental health is being talked about now more than ever, there’s still so much to do to remove the stigma surrounding it. We’re committed to supporting the positive wellbeing of our staff and encouraging good mental health practices, and have embraced the Hub of Hope as the official mental health signposting tool for our workforce. Starting the conversation is the important first step in supporting good mental health and a happy, healthy workplace”

See this link for terms and conditions about our signed Luke Humphries shirt giveaway: https://www.chasingthestigma.co.uk/terms-and-conditions

For more information about Bet MGM Premier League Darts at the M&S Bank Arena, visit: https://www.mandsbankarena.com/whats-on/premier-league-darts-2024/ 

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