Here at Chasing the Stigma, we’re not the type of organisation that delivers our Ambassadors of Hope training, ticks a box and leaves, never to return. It has always been our mission to create longlasting relationships with our Ambassadors of Hope organisations and support them year after year. 


The Ambassadors of Hope Charter has been created so that organisations can commit to embedding positive mental health actions via training, activities, resources and direct communication and support with the Chasing the Stigma team. 


We have designed the Ambassadors of Hope Charter in three different stages; Bronze, Silver and Gold.


It is essential that we create an environment of understanding, throughout society, to allow us all to become comfortable and knowledgeable enough to know what to do, how to act, and know-how to signpost people to the help that is out there. In order to do so, mental health education and training needs to be ingrained throughout schools, universities and workplaces.


By engaging communities and businesses, we can normalise conversations about mental health and mental illness. By embracing mental health together, we can break down the stigmas and barriers that prevent so many people from seeking help and can play a significant role in reducing the number of suicides in the UK.


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