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The Ambassadors of Hope training equips you with the information to be able to signpost to the relevant places. It’s pitched at all levels, so no matter what your understanding is, you would be able to pick this up straight away in 20 minutes. What it doesn’t do is make you an expert in mental health. It’s not there for you to open up people and put them in a vulnerable position. It’s there for you to just listen, support and signpost. Giving training to everyone at the club, rather than a handful of individuals, helps create an environment of understanding: everyone has done the training, so everyone knows the score. We class ourselves as the Everton family. We’re the people’s club.” 

– Kim Healey, People’s Director, Everton Football Club

“The Ambassadors of Hope training programme has normalised the mental health conversation across our organisation. The training is easy to digest and has provided all colleagues with a baseline understanding of the signs, symptoms and causes of mental ill-health as well as how those suffering from poor mental health can be supported. Our staff provided overwhelmingly positive feedback about the training and we have now incorporated the programme into our corporate induction process for all new starters.”

– Sean Rothwell, Peoples Services Manager, The Regenda Group

“Since receiving the Ambassador of Hope training, we have seen an increase in the number of colleagues talking openly about their mental health. The team appears to have more understanding & empathy about mental health, and “check-in” with one another in a way that we hadn’t seen before. As a business, we are also doing more around wellbeing, to encourage healthy lifestyles, which people now understand the importance of. Thank you to the team at Chasing the Stigma for raising awareness and reducing ignorance.”

– Ian Finch, Managing Director, Mando Group

“The Ambassador of Hope training was brilliant.  I actually had to put it into practice very recently with my 18-year-old nephew and I felt like I could really help him.  

All the things you taught us about how they feel and why they don’t say anything was spot on, so just wanted to thank everyone at Chasing the Stigma.  He’s now been referred to Young Minds and is hopefully on his way to feeling like he used to feel” 

 Ambassador of Hope participant

“It is really important to me that our senior team have an understanding and appreciation of mental health issues. They found it to be an extremely powerful, thought-provoking and valuable training session which will be of great value to them in their work. It is an excellent programme which is extremely worthwhile.”   – Joe Anderson – Mayor of Liverpool

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