Stories of Hope: Eman SV2

“Speaking to my friends and family helped.”


This week, #StoriesOfHope catches up with Abisola Emmanuel “Eman” Balogun, better known as FIFA YouTuber SV2, to find out why he supported our #ThereIsAlwaysHope campaign.


Why did you get involved in the Network Rail and Chasing the Stigma ‘There is Always Hope’ campaign?

“As a young boy, who had friends who struggled with mental health issues, I thought this would be a good way to raise awareness to the topic amongst my young audience.”


What were the moments of hope for you in your mental health journey?

“Moments of hope for me was seeing my YouTube channel take off as that is something I put a lot of effort into and something I was very passionate about.”


What has helped in terms of your own mental health journey?

“Speaking to my friends and family helped me out a lot, but also doing things I enjoy, like playing football and making videos.


How easy do you think it is to find the right support for your mental health?

“I think it’s very dependent on the person and their surroundings. With me it was easier as I have friends and family around me. But with someone that may not have that, then I believe that the Hub of Hope app is the perfect thing for them.”


How do you think it improves access to support?

“It consolidates all of the information into one place and is more widely accessible as it gives the option of NHS, private or peer support. There is also the option to search for local, regional, or national services, as well as the ‘Need Help Now’ function for those who need imminent support.”


If you, today, could speak to yourself at your lowest point, what would you tell yourself?

“If I could speak to myself at my lowest point I would tell myself that things will always get better and to always strive and work hard for happiness.”


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