Stories of Hope: Adam from Mind, Body and Sole

“Everything will work out. Ride this storm. You’ve got this.”

For this week’s Story of Hope, we meet Adam, the founder of Mind, Body and Sole. a non-profit peer-to-peer organisation, which raises awareness about mental health, addiction and recovery, provides emotional and financial support and gets people talking and opening up when they are struggling. Adam established the charity after surviving six suicide attempts and he now shares his story to help others.

You use your story to help others, when did your own mental health issues start?

My mental health is something I never thought about when I was younger, but looking back I’ve always struggled with anxiety and depression, something that I masked this with drink and drugs. I was addicted to cocaine and alcohol for more than 10 years and attempted suicide six times. The last time was five years ago – I was brought back to life.

What support did you seek after that attempt?

I didn’t really get professional support at the time. I moved away from my hometown, started meditation, and found a way to love myself again, with the help of my father.

What barriers did you find to getting mental health support and how did you overcome them?

I was kind of naive around the support and always thought I was just an addict to be honest. I read a lot and watched a lot of YouTube vlogs and talks on addiction and mental health. Dr. Joe Dispenza saved my life, as I just related to his work and his ethos and connected to his work.

What did you find most useful in your recovery?

Meditation and taking one day at a time. I also practice meditation to this day on my journey in my recovery from addiction. I meditate twice a day, morning and night. I really enjoy this morning meditation by Joe Dispenza, this 10 minute guided meditation and this guided mediation that is designed for Suicidal Thoughts, Depression and PTSD.

What were the moments of hope for you, in your own mental health journey?

Being alive was the hope I needed, because I know deep down, I shouldn’t be alive now.

How are you addressing mental health in your own work now, through Mind, Body and Sole?

I’m five years clean and sober now, and no suicide attempts. Helping others is helping me in my own journey, knowing that my story is, in a way, helping others. We speak to people daily from all walks of life, ages and genders. I think my approach and telling my story helps people open up, knowing I that have been in their shoes.

Do you think mental health support is accessible enough?

I think more can always be done. People need to be made more aware by local councils and other organisations that the help is out there.

The Hub of Hope is so useful to use as a signposting tool. We use it daily to signpost others to the right professional help if we can’t help them. We use it daily online and also at our hub, when speaking to people face-to-face.

What advice would you give to someone struggling with their mental health?

Reach out, speak to a loved one or a friend. Don’t bottle it up – it will only fester in your head. Remember that it’s ok to not be ok, you are never alone and if you ever need a chat get in touch with us.

If you, today, could speak to yourself at your lowest point, what would you tell yourself?

Everything will work out. Ride this storm. You’ve got this.

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