QR code being shown on a t-shirt label. A phone scans the code to reveal Hub of Hope app.

Revelry Collective  are a fashion brand designed to help break down the stigma attached to ill

mental health. And now they’re helping share the Hub of Hope with even more people.


All of their new t-shirts and hoodies will now come with a  Hub of Hope  QR code under the hem.

When scanned this will signpost you to the right mental health support near you. But how did this

all come about?


Let’s dive in and meet co-founder Nick Wojtowycz.

Tell us about yourself and what’s Revelry Collective?


I’m the co-founder of  The Revelry Collective, initially created as a fashion brand designed to

help break down the stigma attached to ill mental health, particularly in men, with a focus on

social settings. We wanted to create stylish, affordable and memorable fashion items that you can wear

from casual to formal settings. It’s like wearing your team’s badge, subtle yet effective and when you see

someone else wearing it, you have something in common.

What inspired you to add the Hub of Hope QR code to your clothing labels?

We wanted our clothing to be cool and stylish and used as a tool should you need it. That’s when we

found the  Hub of Hope. To have something so easy to use, giving people access to help in their area

was a no-brainer for us. We reached out and now we have a powerful tool that can be used in any setting

(in which you wear clothes ha) to help people around you that are struggling to cope with the demands

of modern life.

Why is mental health and wellbeing so aligned with your mission?

My journey into mental health began around 7 years ago. I made a life-changing decision for myself and

I didn’t expect my mental and physical health to be so strongly affected. I was diagnosed with depression

and fell quite deeply into drinking as a form of escapism. Luckily for me, I found a friend who was on his

own spiritual journey who helped me break down my feelings and emotions leading me into self-awareness

and actualisation, and I haven’t stopped. It’s my aim to now help and guide others to the places they need to

progress with their mental and physical health should they need it.

In what ways does Revelry Collective aim to raise awareness and encourage conversations about mental health through their clothing range?


As mentioned before, wearing our clothing is like wearing your team badge. You know that when you

see someone wearing our clothing they support the cause, they suffer too, or they know someone who does.

We’ve already had people wearing our brand see each other out and about and speak for hours when they

didn’t even know each other before – a win in itself for us. We’re also on the brink of starting something that

will offer free Mental Health First Aid training for communities all over the UK, but I can’t say much more

about that 😉 We’re also soon launching our Legacy Collection. This is huge. You don’t just wear our clothing,

you wear stories. Stories of loss and pain, stories of success, grit and overcoming odds. All designed to raise

money for charities across the UK and leave a legacy for the people they’re designed for.

How does Revelry Collective envision their customers benefiting from having the Hub of Hope QR code on their clothing labels?


It gives our customers a real, substantial tool to combat ill mental health for themselves and the people

they meet. It gives them the power to be an ambassador in this fight. It makes us all a collective that is

striving towards a common goal; kindness and guidance can be from anyone if we all work together.

What’s your hope for the future?


We want TRC to be a household brand. Not only raising awareness but taking action when it comes to

positive mental health. Our aim is not only to rouse conversation surrounding mental health, but give

a wide range of people solutions to starting the journey of bettering their lives. Right now our aim is to

destroy stigma, but in the future, we will offer tangible solutions and help for people that need it. We can’t

do this alone which is why our partnership with Chasing the Stigma and the Hub Of Hope is of the utmost

importance. We’re very clear that our vision is to become a collective that fights for the greater good and

not only saves lives, but makes them better, together.


You can find out more and Nick and Revelry Collective here.

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