24 May 2023


We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with mental health charity Mind, as the Hub of Hope replaces their peer support service to become the charity’s signposting tool.


After a decade of hosting the Mind Peer Support Directory, there was a clear need for a dynamic and up-to-date resource that caters to the evolving needs of community groups.

Cue the Hub of Hope.

With our dedicated team consistently updating the directory, the Hub of Hope provides accurate and relevant information to help individuals find the right support in their local communities.

Addressing the Need for an Enhanced Directory

The Mind Peer Support Directory served people well for many years, but the charity felt it was time for a change. They wanted to provide a more comprehensive and user-friendly directory that would empower community groups and promote their invaluable efforts.

Empowering Communities

We both understand the importance of an up-to-date platform that facilitates easy access to mental health support. Whether you’re looking for a peer support group, counselling services, or any other form of assistance, Hub of Hope is here to guide you in finding the right support in your area.

With its extensive database of support available, you can find a wide range of community groups, therapy providers, and organisations that cater to your specific requirements. Hub of Hope is not just a directory; it is a gateway to a network of compassionate individuals and services ready to provide support and understanding.

What now?

By working with Mind, we’re confident that we’re offering a directory that will serve communities better than ever before. Together, we will empower individuals, promote community groups, and ensure that everyone can easily access the mental health support they need.

Visit Hub of Hope today and take the first step toward finding the right support in your area.

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