Get Moving for Mental Health: Mind’s Physical Activity Team Joins Forces with Chasing the Stigma to Boost Mental Health


Mind’s Physical Activity team has selected Chasing the Stigma’s Hub of Hope to become their new signposting tool, directing people to life-changing and even lifesaving support.


Today, the charity Mind’s Physical Activity team proudly announces its partnership with Chasing the Stigma, a leading mental health charity. This dynamic collaboration puts the spotlight on the powerful connection between physical activity and mental health, emphasising the importance of staying active for a healthier mind. Over 200 services that specifically involve physical activity to support mental health, have now been added to the Hub of Hope.


Who are Mind’s Physical Activity team?

The Physical Activity team is the part of the mental health charity Mind which champions the transformative impact of physical activity on mental health, from grassroots all the way to elite athlete level. Their work is shaped by people with personal experience of mental health problems and they proudly facilitate the Mental Health Expert Group for Physical Activity. Working with Chasing the Stigma the group, a  collaboration of mental health charities using the power of physical activity and movement led by Mind, funded by Sport England, include Rethink Mental Illness, Scottish Association of Mental Health, Sport in Mind, Mental Health Swims, Run Talk Run, Mental Health Football Wales and many more.


Chasing the Stigma’s Mission

Chasing the Stigma, a dedicated mental health charity, strives to break down barriers to seeking help and support for mental health challenges. With its groundbreaking Hub of Hope platform, Chasing the Stigma is revolutionising the way people access mental health services. The Hub of Hope is a free, comprehensive, user-friendly app and website designed to help people find mental health services that work for them.



The Power of Physical Activity for Mental Health 

Our physical and mental health are closely linked and there’s good evidence that getting more physically active can have real benefits for our mental wellbeing. Studies have shown that being physically active can reduce the risk of depression by up to 30%. As well as helping release endorphins and regulate stress hormones, the benefits of being regularly active also include boosting self-esteem and building social support. It’s a holistic approach to nurturing both your body and your mind.

Hayley Jarvis, Head of Physical Activity for Mind, said: “Physical activity and movement are a vital way to support people to live well and stay well. Our own research suggests that almost two thirds of people (65 per cent) feel physical activity should be offered alongside medication and talking therapy for people with mental health problems. We’re thrilled to be working with Chasing the Stigma and are tremendously grateful to all the many charities from our Mental Health Expert Group and people with lived experience of mental health problems who helped contribute to and shape the Hub of Hope.

“We hope the Hub of Hope can provide specially-designed support for people with mental health problems and provide welcoming, friendly and supportive environments for them. With a range of physical activity and movement programmes on offer, from boxing and football to walking groups, we hope the Hub means more people can find what works for them. We would also encourage other organisations working in this space to list their services and promote Hub of Hope so that more people across the country can find the right support local to them.”


Jake Mills, CEO of Chasing the Stigma, said:

“I’m delighted to announce our groundbreaking partnership with the Mind Physical Activity team. Together, we’re shining a light on the incredible impact of physical activity and movement on mental health. Focusing on my physical health in recent years has been a game changer for my own mental health. I am a huge advocate for the relationship between physical activity and mental health.

With over 200 services that focus on physical activity to support mental health now listed on the Hub of Hope, everyone can easily find support that suits their unique journey to mental wellbeing.“


Joining Forces for Mental Health Support 

Mind is teaming up with Chasing the Stigma to highlight the pathways to finding much-needed mental health support. With over 200 services listed under the Physical Activity and Movement filter on the Hub of Hope, people can easily discover nearby resources offering physical activities tailored to enhancing mental health.


Take Action: Find Support Near You 

Are you ready to take the first step towards a healthier mind and body? Visit today to explore the wealth of mental health services and discover physical activities that can make a positive impact on your well-being. With Mind and Chasing the Stigma by your side, you’re never alone on your journey to better mental health.


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