Give the gift of HOPE this Christmas

This year the COVID-19 pandemic has put a huge strain on our collective and individual mental health. Many have experienced high levels of anxiety, stress and worry for the first time in their lives, while others will be dealing with an exacerbation of existing mental health concerns.

This is a tough time for the whole of society and being able to find or direct people to the most relevant mental support, quickly and easily, has never been more vital.

That’s why we’re asking you to give the gift of HOPE this Christmas, by donating to support Chasing the Stigma’s Hub of Hope, a gateway to recovery.

Whether it’s the money you might have spent on Christmas cards, at the work Christmas party or just a couple of quid you have spare, your donations will help us to ensure that the Hub of Hope remains FREE to access and FREE for charities and organisations to register. 

Your donation will allow us to pay our small team who look after the Hub of Hope and deliver and manage our Ambassador of Hope training courses. It will allow us to maintain the technology we need to meet the demands of the Hub of Hope and help us to undertake vital community engagement to keep growing our database of services, improving access to mental health support across the UK.

We are aiming to raise  £2,000 this Christmas, so we can help people through these tough times and every penny you donate, has the power to save a life.

You can donate here: Give the gift of HOPE this Christmas

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