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One of Nine LTD has just launched their amazing short film NO FILTER on their YouTube channel for free! Backed by us at Chasing the Stigma, along with Papyrus and other awesome organisations, NO FILTER is a moving and powerful film that explores mental health and suicide, and highlights the challenges people face when trying to open up about their struggles. You can watch the full film in the link above ⬆️


After a successful international festival run in the USA, Germany, Portugal, UK, and Ireland, the film is now available for free on their YouTube channel.


A Journey of Courage and Hope:

NO FILTER tells the poignant story of a young woman named Alex (portrayed by Ella Augustin), who battles with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. The film captures her arduous journey, highlighting the difficulties she encounters while mustering the courage to speak up and seek help. Through an honest portrayal of mental illness and its impact on individuals and relationships, NO FILTER provides a message of hope and encouragement to those who may be facing similar struggles.

Collaborative Support:

Backed by organisations such as Papyrus and Chasing the Stigma, both dedicated to promoting mental health awareness, NO FILTER is a passion project brought to life by London-based French filmmaker Matthias Fuchez. Inspired by personal loss, Fuchez embarked on this project to create a film that normalises and humanises conversations about mental health. The film has also received international support from innovative Swedish mental health startup Flow Neuroscience and Ahum, a digital marketplace for therapists providing next-generation mental health care solutions.

Stepping into the Mind of Alex:

In NO FILTER, viewers are invited to step into the mind of Alex as she fearlessly pours out her soul on social media during what she believes will be her last day on Earth. The film takes us through her raw reflections on life and society, offering a glimpse into the tumultuous depths of her depression and anxiety. This emotionally charged short film seeks to resonate with audiences, allowing them to connect with Alex’s thoughts and realise that, like her, many individuals may experience the overwhelming weight of life. Furthermore, it emphasises the significance of seemingly small things that can carry immense importance.

Director Matthias Fuchez’s Perspective:

Director and writer Matthias Fuchez describes NO FILTER as the culmination of a lifetime of thoughts and observations. He emphasises that while the film contains reflections that resonate with him, it is not exclusively his story but a story that speaks to everyone at some point in their lives. Fuchez hopes that viewers will find themselves in Alex’s character, relating to her thoughts and discovering that, when overwhelmed by life’s burdens, the seemingly insignificant details can hold profound meaning.

Creating Change through Film:

Producer Katie Organ firmly believes in the power of storytelling to entertain, inform, and effect change. With the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbating mental health challenges and suicide rates, discussing these topics remains essential. Through its ability to reach a wide audience, film can help normalise conversations surrounding mental health. Having witnessed the impact of mental health issues on loved ones, Organ hopes that NO FILTER will contribute, no matter how small, to creating positive change.


And if you or someone you know needs support, don’t forget to visit the Hub of Hope – there are over 11,000 care and support services across the UK, many of which offer weekend support.


Let’s work together to support each other and end the stigma around mental health! 💪🏼🧠


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