Signpost With The Hub of Hope

As the creators of the nation’s go-to mental health signposting tool, we want to work in partnership with you to ensure we can effectively and consistently direct people to life-changing and life-saving help. 


That’s why we have developed a signposting partnership allowing you to embed the Hub of Hope into your own website or app and direct anyone looking for support to the nearest and most relevant services to them.


What makes it special?

  • All Support together in one place across all sectors
  • Local and National support services • Gives people choices and options of support
  • Accessible to all, regardless of age or gender.
  • Easy to use
  • Free and Confidential
  • Live – Updates change immediately
  • Recognised as the best of its kind by NHS England.

The devastating numbers of suicide each year throughout the UK are not inevitable. Suicide is preventable and we all have a responsibility to do what we can to force a change and save lives.


Why is it important?

  • Suicide is the biggest killer of all people aged under 34.
  • People are dying without support – almost three quarters of those die by suicide in the UK are not known to mental health services or not seen within a year previous to their death
  • Pathways to care are not common knowledge
  • We need to move away from a one size fits all approach, giving people options and choices.
  • We need one, clear and consistent message of how to access help.

Making help easy to find may sound like a simple and obvious idea but it is something that has not been happening across the UK. Until now.


Why make us a signposting partner?

  • Chasing the Stigma takes full responsibility for all the signposting
  • Cost effective
  • Embed the Hub of Hope into your own platform, directing people to thousands of support services, without them having to leave your page
  • Customised design to allow it to fit seamlessly into your platform
  • Receive Data Analytics to see how many people are finding support via your platform
  • Admin Access – eligible partners will be able to populate the Hub of Hope with services in their area.
  • Use of our Logo for promotional campaigns and materials • Live and Up to date information
  • Consistent message of hope across the country.
  • You can help keep it free for those in need
  • Ambassador of Hope training discount.

For more information and costs please contact