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What We Do

Everybody in the world has mental health. Everyone.
Yet the fear of being judged whenever we struggle with our mental health is preventing many people from talking about it. At Chasing the Stigma we want to help remove that fear and unnecessary stigma, by using our own first-hand experiences to say ‘I have suffered. I got through it and you can too’. You are never alone.


Our Story

Comedian and writer Jake Mills battled depression in 2013. After months of internal turmoil, Jake attempted to take his own life. Thankfully he was discovered before it was too late and made a full recovery.

As part of his recovery, Jake opened up on social media about his secret battles and his story went viral. Television interviews and articles were shared with tens of millions by celebrities including Emma Watson and James Corden.

As a result, Jake became inundated with messages from people asking for help. It quickly became clear that the fear of being judged was preventing many people from seeking help. That is something Jake wanted to change, and so Chasing the Stigma was born.

Chasing the Stigma aims to remove unnecessary stigmas attached to mental illness by using first-hand experiences to disarm and normalise the topic, pulling together, making a difference and changing the way society approaches mental illness.

The fear of being judged is preventing many people from disclosing their illnesses. We say this loud and clear, we will never judge you.

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